Contact Info

Domino's Plaza 

7787 Oswego Rd.

Liverpool, NY 13090


Hours of Operation

Tuesday, Friday 9am- 5pm

Wed. Thur. 7am- 5pm

Sat 9am -3pm

Heads and Tails Professional 

Dog Grooming, Inc.


A grooming consists of:

 Haircut and /or brush out
· Toenails trimmed and filed
· Ears plucked of hair and cleaned
· Cleansing bath and/ or conditioning

Grooming fees are charged hourly. Fees depend roughly on the amount of time that is needed to give your pet the perfect trim and whether or not one or more groomers are needed to complete the job.

Extra charges
· Difficult animals. We reserve the right to refuse to groom dogs that we consider dangerous to ourselves and/ or other animals in the salon. The owner will be required to pick the animal up immediately. 

· Special baths. Ex. Medicated, flea baths, deskunking, etc………

· Dematting or brushing of neglected coats. We reserve the right to shave the animalshould we feel it is in the dogs best interests, although we make every effort to contact the owner before doing so.

Payment is expected when services are completed.